A Look Into Our Kitchen

Dutch Doner Kebab House never compromises on flavour. Our wide range of tasty and fresh kebabs brings something new to your table. We wholly believe that the best kebab can't be made without top-quality ingredients.

It is the pride of our kebab chefs and a core moral for all aspiring culinary enthusiasts that the quality of the food is never compromised. It is as crucial to our kebab chefs as the taste itself. We value your health just as much as we value our tasty kebabs.

This is how we make our top-notch kebab, which will never betray your expectations.

Kebab Meat That
Melts In Your Mouth

Our meat choice is premium quality. Whether it’s the rotisserie chicken in your durum kebab or the lamb in your kebab burger, all our meat is checked for quality before we carefully prepare it. We use fresh, lean meat every day that is safe for consumption and preferable for fitness enthusiasts too.

Kebab meat makes it or breaks it. Although it is your choice which meat to go with for your particular kebab dish, if you’re not sure, leave it to our kebab chefs to make your dish with the best kebab meat.

our kebab meat options include

Juicy kebab meat option for those trying to keep things on a lighter end.


Lean kebab meat option for those that are fitness and health conscious so you can enjoy your favourite kebab without any reservations.


Can't decide? Try a mix of both kebab meat options and enjoy a distinct flavor with every bite. 


Fresh Kebabs With
Fresh Veggies

Our kebab chefs only choose the freshest veggies that are ripe and at peak perfection. These veggies bring life to your kebab burgers.

The kebab meat is rich and pouring with flavours and might just be a little too much on the senses all on its own, but when paired with delicious grilled vegetables, a certain sweetness and lightness permeate through the dish and make your meal refreshing and easy on the stomach.

Fresh, ripe, and locally sourced dressings are made of onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, and pickled cucumbers.

our special kebab starters include

A lighter side dish to go before you enjoy a hearty doner kebab. 


Popular with the younger ones. Perfect side dish to go with your tasty kebab. 


If you're trying out our lamb kebab meat option, you'll definitely enjoy our chicken wings for a different flavor.


If you're trying our vegetarian options, this one is for you. Light and flavorful addition to go with your tasty kebabs.

Spring Rolls

Delve into these heavenly bites before digging into an even stronger doner kebab.

Cheese Bites

Kebab Sauces To Bring Spice To Your Life

To really give you a punch of flavours, we bring the spice of different cultures to the table. From Thousand Islands to red chilli sauce to yoghurt garlic sauce, we’ve got every taste for you to test and fall in love with.

No kebab meat can be savoured without delving into the depths of our signature kebab sauces. To make matters more interesting, try a bunch of different sauces with your tasty kebab and experience a different heavenly flavour with each bite.

our mouth watering kebab sauces include

Nothing adds the funkiness and freshness to a tasty kebab quite like our garlic sauce. 

Garlic Sauce

Just the perfect sauce to go with your kebab burgers and bring the right richness to you.

House Sauce

Turn the heat up with this sauce while you delve into the perfect flavors packed in your favorite kebab dishes. 

Chilli Sauce

Drinks to Wash Down
Your Best Kebabs

NO kebab is complete without a perfect drink to accompany it. The sizzling hot and richly flavorful kebab meat needs something mild to wash it down with. All the more so if it is packed in a bun or served with waffle or pita bread. As soft and juicy as your durum kebab may be, it can be overwhelming in and of itself.

Accompanying drinks only make it refreshing and leave you with more room. If you want the best kebab meal that wholly satisfies you, you simply can’t go without some drinks.

Options at our kebab inn include

Nothing better than a chilled soft drink to create the best kebab experience.

Soft Drinks

Keep things light, healthy, and playful by pairing the best kebab dishes with your favorite fruit juice.

Fruit Juice

Our Ultra Specials

Our kebab house has some intriguing specials you’ll be sold on immediately. If you’re not sure what to get, just order our specials and let the chefs take care of your best kebab meal.

crush doner burger

Our Crush Doner burger packs a strong crunch. Accompanied by the piping hot kebab meat on a soft and fluffy bread, this special crunch makes Crush Doner the most memorable kebab burger you’ll ever get to taste.

We pack in just the right amount of spices and special sauces to keep the sizzling tempo going for you. Forget about taco kebabs; our Crush Doner Burger will keep you coming back for more.

kids menu

We have a special selection for our little friends, too. Kids can enjoy our special kebab menu curated just for their tender, playful taste buds. We add special joy to their kebabs, so they keep wanting more of them.

Our special kid’s doner kebab is available in all of our meat choices. We make sure that our spices and sauces aren’t too strong for the kids. We’ll add in chips and drinks for a full meal, so they can have a quality time with you while you enjoy your own tasty kebab.

Time To Get Digging Into
The Best Kebabs!

Our tasty kebabs are waiting to rock your palette. If you’ve made up your mind on what you’d like to order, awesome! Just give us a call or drop by our kebab shop. If you want to enjoy the best kebabs in UK, you’ll definitely want to drop by and try them while they are still hot. We have a nice place to give you the best kebab-eating experience.

Not sure what to go for yet? Take a look at our detailed menu and find out exactly what you’re craving. Our super-fast delivery will deliver your meal while it’s still hot, so you can enjoy the best kebabs in the comfort of your own home.