The Perfect Kebab: About Dutch Doner Kebab

Dutch Doner Kebab is a new addition to the beautiful city of Larne. The waves that have carried us here bring together an ocean of flavour and tasty kebabs. Our signature sauces, kebab meat choices, and spices carry the essence of our journey.

While you must be eager to delve into the flavours of our exquisite kebab house, find out below what motivates us to bring tasty kebab to your plate every day.

What Makes the Best
Kebab In The World

That’s a question many have considered over the course of their culinary careers. The most obvious answer seems to be freshness, the right cooking heat, and a balance of spices. Kebab meat gets to be marinated and rested for a while, leaving a window for rich flavours to flow in. 

And on that note, there’s no shortage of sauces and kebab dressings that go with it. Even kebab meat can be of different types, leaving you with quite a lot of options. The combination of condiments, the melting texture of dip sauces, and the fresh, upbeat energy of the vegetable dressings on top are all that come together to form the perfect kebab.

Even then, the age of the kebab meat, how cultured the spices are, and the ripeness of every vegetable seem to be the pivots that decide the fate of a perfect kebab.

The Perfect Kebab Eating Way?

Perhaps if the ingredients can’t decide what the perfect kebab is, the way you eat it can. Believe it or not, pitta bread and waffle bread aren’t the only way to enjoy a durum kebab. 

Serving fresh kebabs while they are piping hot, with grilled vegetables on the side, such as tomatoes and peppers is an experience of its own kind.

A perfect grill kebab on a pita bread with lots of butter and chilli sauce is another way. And where bread is concerned, rolling fresh kebab meat into buns filled with different types of spices and cheese is perhaps one of the most famous ways of serving a kebab. 

Of course, those with a simpler taste palette prefer their kebab meat on rice.

With every flavour standing out so much, it’s hard to decide on a perfect kebab eating way. 

Dutch Doner Kebab's Way to Perfect Kebabs

At Dutch Doner Kebab House, our secret to perfect kebabs lies not only in carefully handling all the ingredients so their freshness can be preserved but also in bringing our best efforts to the table.

We didn’t get down the road to perfect kebabs in a single day. We had to test our mantle over and over again to find the perfect kebab with the most balanced taste and juicy  meat.

We believe that the road to kebab cuisine is a long one, and we have yet to discover it all. Every day, we look for new tastes and spices to rock your palette with only the best kebabs.

We love hearing what you think, too. Your stories are an inspiration for us. With our little kebab inn brimming with all the passionate kebab enthusiasts, we try to do our best every day.

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge we’ve had to face in our pursuit of the perfect kebab is that there is no perfect one. No matter how precise our measurements might be or how good the balance of our spices and sauces might be, we know there is no right answer that can impress everyone.

Our cultural spices might be too overwhelming for some, and some people might simply prefer more exotic flavours in their kebabs. Keeping up both ways is simply not possible. But finding a balance is one solution to this dilemma.

Using classic spices made with foreign elements and exotic sauces with a touch of the classic kebab flavours is how we find the right way of making our kebabs. The real secret lies in the kebab meat itself. Perfect heat and cooking time make for the most delicious and perfect kebab meat that can be packaged in a soft bun or eaten in a crunchy Crush burger.

The accompaniments have to be decided on the same formula as well. To bring out the real potential of our kebabs, we need some contrasting accompaniments that are not too filling but serve as the perfect light side dish to add a dash of different flavours.

Our Kebab Chefs greatest Pleaures

Our kebab chefs have come a long way from home in pursuit of the perfect kebab. Serving our best kebab dishes to the lovely people of Larne has been a delight.

Our kebab chefs draw from their own culture and from the tasty kebabs of their childhood. Even with all the exotic variations, nothing beats the good old Turkish doner kebab, served in a soft, hot bun, packing only the most luxurious lamb meat that melts in your mouth and fills it with the richest tastes.

But even with our cultural roots going strong, we value fusions, as is befitting of every chef who seeks to pursue culinary perfection.

Dipping a durum kebab into some house sauce or topping kebab meat with garlic sauce and cheese are all part of Dutch Doner Kebab’s ways of achieving the perfect kebab.

Our chefs sincerely believe that a perfect kebab is one you truly enjoy.

Following International Food standards in our Perfect kebabs

We follow all international food standards at Dutch Doner Kebab House to ensure our perfect kebabs are safe and healthy for consumption. 

All our ingredients are checked for quality before we use them to prepare your meal. We understand your concerns about health and fitness when it comes to eating a hearty kebab meal. Our chefs keep that in mind while preparing your meal. Check out how we create safe and healthy kebabs for you and how we decide our standards here.